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We serve the marine, offshore oil & gas industry and renewable energy support vessels.

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We can carry out Vessel Suitability Surveys to assess the suitability of a vessel and associated equipment to carry out or aid in specific tasks or operation.
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Dynamic Positioning (DP) is a computer controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel’s position and heading by using its own propellers and thrusters.
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SMSS Group

Smart Marine Solutions and Services formed in 2016 and comprises of a risk department and a marine department, coordinating highly experienced marine, engineering, safety management and risk personnel.Smart Marine Solutions and Services specialist team growing in number and skill range to support the major industry client base of offshore operators and contractors, ensuring the continued growth of SMSS, which is based primarily on reputation, repeat business and referral.

Our team has a deep knowledge and understanding from both offshore and onshore sides. We understand clients expectations so from both sides of our experience we making the balance of expectation and use all our experience and knowledge to meet the best industry requirements.

Practice areas: Marine Consultancy, Offshore Consultancy, Dynamic Positioning Consultancy, Marine and Offshore Engineering


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