DP Incident Investigations

SMSS-group offer to carry out DP Incident Reporting and Analysis. These investigations facilitates the sharing of information on potential hazards at the worksite and lessons learnt from follow-up investigations, thereby helping the vessel owner and the marine industry to avoid repeat occurrences.

IMCA guidelines recommend the following DP Incident Investigation events:

  • DP incident – loss of automatic control, loss of position or any incident which has resulted in or should have resulted in a red alert
  • DP undesired event – loss of position or other event which is unexpected /uncontrolled and has resulted in or should have resulted in a yellow alert 
  • DP downtime – position keeping problem or loss of redundancy which would not warrant either a red or yellow alert, however loss of confidence has resulted in a stand down from operational status for investigation, rectifications, trials etc.

SMSS-group work on specific vessels or facilities, multiple vessels and full fleets of vessels anywhere in the world to provide DP Incident Investigations.

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